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this post is way over due, but i didn’t want to skip it. back in mid August, my boyfriend and i spent the day in Philadelphia checking out art museums. rather, he graciously let me drag him around the city seeing art exhibits the weekend they were due to close (hurray procrastination!). we started at the Perelman Building, an annex of the Philadelphia Art Museum, where i hoped to see the final weekend of their much buzzed about show Craft Spoken Here. let me first say that as a Philadelphia native and an artist, i am not ever excited about anything the Philly Museum has to offer. its seemingly yearly retrospectives of impressionist and post-impressionist painters i’m sure draw crowds, but i am not a part of those crowds. however, i had never been to the Perelman next door. the Perelman is smaller, but it offers a glimmer of contemporary hope in a historic city. i actually didn’t enjoy the exhibition that brought me there, but walked away excited by the other works on display and eager to see what else they have coming up on the calendar.

Prom: Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark

please disregard the quality of these iphone photos and go see the real exhibition! it is still up and runs until October 28, 2012. Mark is a Philadelphia area native and features her high school alma mater in this exhibition. over the course of three years, she visited thirteen high schools and took portraits with a 20-by-24-inch Polaroid Land Camera- yes, these photos are REAL Polaroids, not imposters! which really makes this project all the more incredible. the exhibit as a whole is an interesting peek at regional and class differences across the country. check it out!

Secret Garden (3.3.12-8.26.12)

the above photos are of three separate screenprinted tapestries designed by Eleanor McMaster Kluck and Henry Kluck. i can’t find much information about these two designers other than this archive of work on The Art Institute of Chicago’s website. the three tapestries are supporting works for a fiber-themed installation show showcasing pieces by Ted Hallman, Sheila Hicks, and Jim Hodges.

Wow Bush/Turmoil in Full Bloom by Sheila Hicks.

Every Touch by Jim Hodges

this Jim Hodges piece was actually created in Philadelphia at the Fabric Workshop and Museum and is currently on display there as part of a retrospective show! check it out 🙂

after we wrapped up at the Perelman, we headed across town to the Institute of Contemporary Art in University City to see the final weekend of Stefan Sagmeister’s museum-overtaking exhibition entitled The Happy Show.

what a crazy show! Sagmeister, one of my favorite designers, filled the top floor of the museum with his musings to attempt to let viewers into his mind as he “attempts to increase his happiness via mediation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals.” there were hand-written messages scrawled everywhere, several interactive portions, and video streams of his upcoming feature of a similar title- The Happy Film. here are images of some of my favorite portions:

. . . that’s a good question.





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spring craft season has officially spring! two weekends ago, the day after the Go West! Craft Fest, nick and i headed to Ardmore’s Clover Market to check the scene. if you haven’t seen my schedule, i am participating in May’s market and i’m very excited! anyhow, check out some of the work by the talented vendors who participated in April’s market:

loved these vibrant fabric flowers by little blue studio! all the way from maryland 🙂

i enjoyed these mega-detailed prints by the 50/50 company, especially this philadelphia one that i picked up.

have you had a taste of a beverage from the new hope fountain? holy moly, sooo delicious- i urge you to check them out! i enjoyed my first beverage by them at montgomeryville’s grilled cheese place melt down.

i’m such a sucker for a) plush food and b) plush food with a moustache. check out val’s art studio for all kinds of needlefelted goodies.

nick and i picked up a sweet wedding card from rachel ink- she had all kinds of adorable stationery that you can find in her etsy shop.

adorable stitched silver lined clouds by chez sucre chez. not only were her contemporary cross stitched creations awesome, her booth setup was very cohesive and creative.

i wrote about them back in november, and i’m still just as smitten with their work- almanac industries has these sweet letterpress nautical-themed cards.

 . . . also a sucker for owls. check out this plush owl catching some Zzz’s by emily ann’s kloset!

elegant silkscreened cards by press no. 9

i know this isn’t art related, but how freakin’ cute is this fat corgi nugg?!

there was a variety of vintage vendors throughout the market, but i was really surprised to happen upon these letters from the keswick theater! pretty cool find, circa dee!

here’s a pic of our purchases from the market- we were obviously on the hunt for wedding cards for our 4 upcoming weddings this year. the fork and spoon is by rachel ink, as mentioned prior. the “let’s party” card is by my local fav, black heart letterpress. the tiered cake congrats card is by rifle paper co. – we actually found it elsewhere in ardmore, at paper source in suburban square. we walked in just as they were closing- i can’t wait to go back!

i have been on the hunt for fruit scented sugar scrub and alas i found it at sweet sally’s booth! i didn’t realize it at the time, but they came all the way from lewisburg, pa- the home of bucknell, where i used to teach! pretty cool.

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last week, i was fortunate to have the time off to spend a Thursday afternoon in Philadelphia. my original plan was to check out the small Charley Harper exhibition at the Academy of Natural Sciences, but i ended up going all over the place and seeing some great artwork, etc.

i started out the afternoon in west philly, heading straight to my favorite cupcake truck in all the land, Buttercream PHL. i am so excited for them to open their storefront location sometime this year! afterwards, i wandered through the Urban Outfitters’ clearance section- always find some great items. i picked up this adorable russian doll measuring cup set by Fred– how cute! seriously, check out their catalogue- i’ve seen a lot of their items in stores, but seeing it all in one place is just ridiculous. i want to buy everything!

after a quick jaunt through the ICA, i headed across the river to the Academy. i’m pretty sure i haven’t been there since i was in elementary school, so it was a strange experience seeing the antiquated animal exhibits. i remember being so impressed by them as a small child, but in my twenties, they’re far more interesting in a kitschy kind of way. however, the architecture of the building is beautiful and the information is relevant making the museum an important part of Philadelphia’s culture. i did enjoy taking some Instagram photos around the museum as the lighting was too dim to use my polaroid.

i was so excited to see the Charley Harper exhibit. i only found out about his work a couple of years ago, but his designs, illustrations, and silkscreen prints are so inspiring. i frequently look to the book by Todd Oldham for inspiration. i love that he had this incredible, lifelong career of illustrating, yet his work looks so contemporary. this quote really stuck out to me, explaining the simplicity of his designs:

“I don’t count the feathers, I count the wings.”

i took a couple of photos of the prints on display, although the lighting wasn’t ideal making it difficult to get great images. therefore, some of these images are lifted from elsewhere on the internet. here’s a couple of my favorite images that were on display:

while i was searching for this beaver image, i happened upon this photograph of a charley harper beaver mural in Beaver Creek, OH! i’m hoping to go see it in real life sometime this year:

one fact that the exhibit recognized about Harper’s work was his frequent use of puns and plays on words- that’s exemplified in the title of this piece. he also loved to use ladybugs in many of his pieces- they are not only great insects that are important to the ecosystem, but a great way to fill space in a design.

accompanying the displayed prints was a great description of exactly what silkscreen printing (“serigraphy”) is and involves. i wish i had this concise explanation back when i was teaching!

they also had two videos on loop- one was a short interview with Mr. Harper and another was a video about Artizan editions, a screenprint workshop in the UK that directly collaborates with artists ala Fabric Workshop and Museum. they have really nice promotional video describing the process, what they do, and showing off their great facilities. check it out HERE.

 anyhow, even though it was very small, i thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. it just so happens that Moore is next door and it’s Philagrafika time again, so i wandered over there and checked out their exhibitions. in two of their galleries, they were featuring work by current and former Center for Emerging Visual Arts fellows. the former fellows were part of a show called “A Circumstantial Assembly” that explored fiber art-based traditions and techniques.

susan benarcik, "mental notes," 2004. book pages and copper wire.

mark khaisman, "repetition," 2011, packaging tape on plexiglas and steel light box.

daniel kornrumpf, "focal length," 2009. hand embroidery on linen.

i was so impressed with this embroidered piece- check out the details!

the current fellows had another gallery showing up- i was particularly interested in this fiber piece by Kay Healy called “stuffed living room”:

many of Healy’s silkscreen pieces deal with memory and nostalgia related to ordinary household objects.

rounding out my experience, i checked out the Patricia Gomez & Maria Jesus Gonzalez exhibit entitled Doing Time / Depth of Surface. to sum it up, two artists spent weeks in residency at Philadelphia’s Holmesburg Prison, documenting every aspect, from old files to literally printing the walls. I lifted this photo from printeresting.org where you can read more about the exhibition and the artists, including an imformative interview.

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back in the fall, i was fortunate enough to have a little free time to finally check out the clover market in ardmore, pa. i really wanted to participate as a vendor in the fall but unfortunately had conflicts. i’m excited to see that they’re accepting applications for their spring dates- after visiting in the fall, i was really impressed and hope to be a part of it in 2012!

before i did any perusing, i indulged in a scrumptous cupcake by cupcakes gourmet. they have two brick and mortar locations in malvern and wayne and also participate in the ardmore farmers market in suburban square. check them out- they even have a daily flavor schedule!

sardine clothing creates fun and colorful clothing for all ages from tshirts and recycled clothing. you can even send in your own tshirts for a custom look! pretty cool 🙂

how adorable are these unique plushies by hotdogs & catsup??

i particularly enjoyed gabrielle lackman’s work under the name visually delicious. her colorful patterns are very inspiring! check out her cool 2012 calendar.

i didn’t get to take a photo of their work, so this image is lifted from their etsy site- but almanac industries made the trek to ardmore from baltimore! i adored their letterpress creations- you can learn more about the couple behind the bookbinding and printmaking here.

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it only took me months to finally sit down and go through all of the photographs i took and business cards i acquired and compose this post, but here it is: all about my trip to Chicago in september!

way back in the beginning of fall, i was fortunate enough to participate in my first ever Renegade Craft Fair. on the 10th and 11th of september, i set up shop on Chicago’s Division St. with over 300 other vendors and got to meet all kinds of talented artists and interesting patrons 🙂 i could write so much about how much amazing work was there, how beautiful Chicago is, etc- but it’s much easier to show you in photographs! and i definitely took plenty. read ahead to see what my new booth fixtures look like, some of my favorite pieces by other vendors, and more! thank you to the lovely people of Renegade for letting me be a part of this amazing event 🙂 also, big thank you to my friend Courtney Jones for flying out to meet me in Chicago only to sit behind a table 80% of the time. another big thank you goes out to the lovely Veronika Goldberg for letting us crash at her new pad- it was a blast! seriously though- check out this beautiful view we woke up to:

anyhow- the show took place on Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. the weather was beautiful on both days, my booth was next to my friends Bryan and Hilary of Yardsale Press, i got to debut my new fixtures, and there was a ton of traffic- a great success 🙂

check out the new greeting card stands i built! they match my new neutral colored/wood motif.

here is courtney and i on day two- it was so awesome of her to come out to help! it’s been way too long since we’d seen each other. fun fact- courtney, bryan & hilary from yardsale, and i all went to Rowan University together.

the “tshirts are $15.00” Ts were a big hit- i’m considering printing a short run of them.

here is Bryan manning his booth next to mine- check out those stacked sandwiches!

the show was so enormous, it took both days for me to find the time to go through and see all the vendors. as i mentioned early on, i took a lot of photographs and collected business cards from so many talented artists and crafters. the following is a selection of images and links of just some of my favorites:

how cute are these nugget screens and squeegees?! according to Flora A., these Teeny Screenies are part of a new startup project made up of graphic designers to raise money for the charity The C.A.R.E. Initiative.

“things that are long” by Missouri letterpress shop 1canoe2– love that there’s a weener dog!

i thought the sweatshop of love had such an awesome shirt design.

tshirts for the typography obsessed by the social department (i personally love a good sans).

 i was SO excited to get to see the Shawnimals booth- as some of you may know, i have started a small collection of moustachios:

as a result, when i met Shawn Smith, it was a little like meeting a celebrity. my excitement to meet him may have been a little creepy, but he was super nice- we even chatted a bit about SXSW. i added the handmade black papa moustachio to my growing moustache family.

another booth i was particularly hype to see was the Little Friends of Printmaking – it was SO exciting to see their work in real life and not just on the pages of some of my favorite illustration/design books! i picked up a sweet tshirt with a cat riding a bike- i’ll show you at the end.

Mokuyobi Threads had some super fun accessories for self and home- i love the bright food pillows!

as a printmaker who works primarily in silkscreen, i was totally blown away by the art prints and band posters by Crosshair Silkscreen Design. look at the image above, read the FAQ’s on the left, and look back at the image- the registration is immaculate! (aside from the image being just plain awesome) their booth had a sweet pile of discount prints and i picked up this double sided monoprint:

ciggies! McBitterson’s– so cute!

yup, that’s a batch of rainbow plush penis’- there’s more where these come from on Abitabite’s etsy.

these necklaces by material+movement are so elegant and unique.

in addition to the many booths of vendors, the Moveable Type Truck parked in the center of all the action. kyle currie travels the country in a converted 1982 chevy truck outfitted with, among other equipment, a tabletop platen letterpress.

bryan and i chatted with kyle and she showed us around her space. i wish i had more time to stay and print! although it turned out that the day before the show, i purchased two of her cards from her company power and light press:

 . . . and how adorable is that cat-erpillar by Cordial Kitten?? that was such an awesome trade- i spent both days eyeing this cat from two booths over. thank you so much, candice!

i LOVE these little plush sx-70s by lets be friends! they also had too cool for school handmade hipster bears:

 . . . and here’s even MORE sweet swag! clockwise from the top: the bike racing kitty tshirt is courtesy of the Little Friends of Printmaking, as mentioned previously. the tote bag with cute birdies is by Vahalla Studios. Little Korboose created the package of postcards emblazoned  with the little blue robot saying HELLO! Illustrated Goods offered up so many great letterpress goodies, but i decided on some colorful blank birthday cards. Nourishing Notes was one of my favorite booths- their prints are all food related and so bright and humorous! i can’t wait to frame and hang up the letterpress print i purchased that reads “count the MEMORIES not the CALORIES”

Renegade was super awesome and I met some great people and artists. I can only hope I’m fortunate enough to participate again in 2012!

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i recently cashed in a hearsty voucher at bree johnson’s etsy shop coco rose couture. i wanted to post about it because #1- i absolutely ADORE what i ordered! and #2- after a mailing mixup, she was so gracious and kind by sending some free goodies. thank you so much, bree! i already wore the blue necklace the other day and got stopped multiple times for compliments 🙂

so yeah- check her out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/cocorosecouture

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a big thanks to the ladies who organized this year’s Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair and the great bunch of artists and shoppers in Jersey City for making this past Saturday a great day! this was my first time as a participant and it went very smoothly. i thought the venue was pretty cool- smack in the middle of tall buildings in Jersey City:

my friend and helper Rachael and I spent the day soaking up the sun, oogling adorable dogs, and chatting with customers and neighbors. there were a couple of food trucks on hand- we both got delicious crepes from Lucinda Creperie. their chicken florentine crepe was phenom, and we finished it off with a s’mores dessert crepe- yum! (i also got some delish old bay steak fries from Mamma Marci)

there certainly was a wide array of art vendors at this particular event and i got to meet/swap with some super talented ones:

this image transfer on wood piece was so beautiful, i couldn’t resist. it has such a nostalgic feel to it and reminds me of driving around jersey and getting lost on purpose. thanks so much to Melissa Cacioppo of Birdbrain Projects for swapping with me!

i saw this little winter cardinal friend and had to come back for him! upon my return, i chatted with his creator Laura Fisk of fisk&fern and we really hit it off. turns out little Bert is printed on my favorite printmaking paper of all time (the ultra luxurious Magnani Pescia Paper in Light Blue) and that Laura knows my friends Brainstorm! we swapped and she took home my squeegee print– so glad it went to a screenprinter’s home 🙂 best of luck in Austin, Laura!

one of my booth neighbors was Heather Wells of Bright Lights, Little City– she had a great array of unique items, from lamps to origami to hair accessories. i fell in LOVE with this metal floral head band. turns out, they are vintage gold plated flowers that her grandmother designed way back when . . . now Heather revamps them into one-of-a-kind adornments. awesome!

anyhow . . . NYMCF was my last definite show of the summer. i *might* do an event on July 31st in NoLibs, but it is 10 hours long and i don’t know if i have it in me to sit by myself for that long (any friends want to join me? get at me haha). unfortunately, the Heartsy coupon deal didn’t work out this time around- but when one door closes, another opens: I got accepted to Renegade CHICAGO! ahhh! i honestly didn’t think it would happen, so i am thrilled 🙂 it is in september, so between then and now i will be working hard to revamp my booth setup for *hopefully* the final time and come up with some great new prints!

did i mention i jumped on the bandwagon and started printing on French Paper? so excited! this opens doors to larger editions and even MORE paper color variety in the long run. of course, i’ll still have some prints on BFK, etc- i still love tradition. here is one of my new prints on French Paper:

this is actually a revamp of an older print- now it is more layers and an easy size for framing! you can purchase it from my etsy righttttttt . . . HERE.

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thank you SO SO much to everyone who came out for this past weekend’s Art for the Cash Poor 12 at the Crane Arts building in NoLibs! this was my best show to date and i’m very excited for what the rest of the year will bring 🙂 if you didn’t get to come out, i thought i’d share some photos from the weekend and of the work of some talented artists i got to meet! on the second day, this great organization called Rock to the Future performed for attendees- the nonprofit provides free music lessons to young adults in Philadelphia. they played some adorable renditions of bands like Muse and Blink 182:

day two, rock to the future students entertained the crowd.

nom! buttercream and caramel cupcake!

on both days, there were delicious food trucks everywhere. i got to chow down on some food from Guapos Tacos and indulge in these fantastic cupcakes from Jimmies Cupcake Truck! holy moly deliciousness.

a view of the part of the show in the Icebox at Crane Arts

i got to bring home these super ornate hummingbird giclee prints by mixed media artist Ilene Perlman– thanks so much for the swap!

this necklace is a photo of an adorable little house courtesy of the very talented Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes– she sells whimsical digital photographs and reproductions of polaroids in all sorts of forms- prints, necklaces, etc.

every year, i pick up a business card from this girl- this was the year i finally got one of her necklaces! a beautiful piece by photographer and digital artist Jen McCleary.

my table was across from Gretchen Miller, the designer for Dahling Accessories and i spent both days drooling over this bright and beautiful bag . . . so i went for it. i absolutely adore it 🙂 check out her shop for an assortment of well crafted purses and clutches.

not pictured is a matted photograph courtesy of Caterina Giordano, a super talented photographer and very friendly gal. i LOVE the colorful print from one of her journeys to Italy- but you have to click the link to find it.

thanks so much for stopping in! Art for the Cash Poor 12 concluded my spring/summer craft circuit in Philadelphia . . . I have one more show left called Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair in Jersey City on June 25th. after that, i’ll be back in the studio working hard on new prints and display fixtures for my table for the fall and holiday craft shows! also, i’m in the process of developing a groupon-esque deal with the website Heartsy– hopefully it will work out! and if it does, i will post info about it here and on my TWITTER (i’ve decided i don’t want to go the newsletter route just yet- if you want to be up to date, follow me on twitter or like me on Facebook :).

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so the weekend after art star was a busy one for me. on saturday, i photographed another South Philly wedding- this time it was the union of Peggy and Angelo. it was definitely a lively bunch of family and friends! this is the second time i’ve worked a wedding where Jeanette Ivey did the makeup- and i was equally as blown away at her talent as i was the first time around. if you’re in the market for any type of professional makeup application services, check out her company Ivey Artistry. anyhow, here’s some preview pics of the bride and groom:

clowning around with the best man and maid of honor.

peggy and angelo looking glam.

the following day, my photography partner Gary and I worked our first engagement session with my friend Jerry and his fiancee Kristin. we stayed local, hitting up Mason’s Mill Park/Safetytown and Pennypack Park. you can see all of my images on my flickr. OR, even better- you can see the full set by both Gary and I on our Mizfam Facebook page– like us!

after the engagement session, i headed down to R5’s bi annual Punk Rock Flea Market to say “hey” to my friend Bryan and his gal/dedicated art show helper, Hilary. did you check out his work yet?! i hope so! (see my links- his company is Yard Sale Press) this is one of my favorite prints by him- it’s hanging in my studio:

i wandered around and soaked up all the hipster bullshit . . . and bought some seriously awesome jewelry from Overdue Industries. looking at their website, they only really feature the upcycled journals they make- but their jewelry is afforable and super unique. here’s some crappy iphone photos of my new accessories!

i also really loved this print by dan gneiding of grayhood– but i ran out of cash from buying the jewelry haha. whoops!

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i have so much to write about, i thought i’d break it up into different posts. first stop: art star craft bazaar at penn’s landing in philadelphia, pa was a great success! the weather was a big strange on day one, but day two ending up being sunny and warm- a wonderful surprise 🙂 here are some snappers of my tent:

booth number 61 at the great plaza at Penn's Landing!

manning my booth on day one!

hootie and hoo hanging out.

my faithful helper and friend Katy, modeling with one of my pillows and tote bags!

day two's setup: much more rain resistant.

on day two, my good friend and fellow printmaker Bryan Schulthorpe of Yard Sale Press manned my booth while i ran around to check out what other vendors were selling. i definitely got some great deals:

I LOVE my handlebar mustache T from Fuzzy Ink! their whole table was mustache themed- i don’t care how trendy it may be right now, i love mustache goodies haha. the cute handmade bird eye glass holder was a steal at $15 from JennyJen 42– click the link to check out her etsy packed with awesome hand sewn creations. next to me at table 62 was Laura Stanz, a maker from Indiana who spent both days telling customers to “please- hug the walrus!” so obviously, i had to go hug the walrus- and instantly fell in love with the mole-y cat and adorable beaver! you SERIOUSLY need to check out her shop called The Wind and The Sail– her plushies are super affordable and unique and extremely well crafted. she told me the story about the mole-y cat and when i got home, i realized my own kitty has a mole in the same spot!

of course there were so many other awesome artists and crafters that i wish i could have purchased from or traded with . .  to see the complete list, click here: 2011 Vendors  anyhow, thanks so much to everyone who came out that weekend!

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