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The weekend after I returned from Tennessee, I was a returning vendor at the South Philadelphia staple, Crafty Balboa. The weather started out kind of yucky, but both my helper Katy and I came prepared with our jackets.

Me wearing my platypusfile scarf that I got the week earlier in Tennessee 🙂

the line of tents around Passyunk Fountain . . .

my helper (and best friend of 20 years) Katy! thanks so much for your help 🙂

After the show, a bunch of us headed down East Passyunk for some grub. yay friends!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Two weeks later, I was a first time vendor at Ardmore’s Clover Market– I’ve been a customer at the event twice before, so it was fun to be on the other side. My booth was nestled in a back parking lot area, around the corner from the food vendors . . .

 . . . and directly across from the New Hope Fountain Soda truck- how cool are those taps built in to the side of their sprinter truck?

As usual, there was a great variety of vintage goodies- i particularly enjoyed this display:

Another great item I was thisclose to bringing home with me were these social media pillows by The Pillow Works:

I’m excited to announce that I will be participating again with The Clover Market in the fall. I will be vending at both the October and November shows- you can see the details in the upper right hand column of my page. So pumped!

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Saturday, April 21st was day one of spring’s Chatty Crafty event. I got to incorporate some of my antique-ing finds into my booth:

One of my favorite things about traveling to shows outside the area is seeing new faces- and I definitely saw and met plenty of them! One of my neighbors was Sally of Sew Few – her upcycled, handmade clutch bags and purses are unrivaled- immaculately crafted and all one-of-a-kind.

She explained that her family owned an upholstery business, so she has access to all of these amazing upholstery samples to create her unique, boutique quality bags. I am so lucky to be able to count myself as a proud owner of one of her creations:

One of my other neighbors happened to be the only other person from Pennsylvania at the show. Matt of Alternate Histories was super friendly and loaned me one of his Ikea sign holders- thank you so much, Matt! His work is definitely unlike any that I have ever seen- he retools historic photographs to include science fiction inspired minutia. Although I couldn’t think of a space left on my walls for his intricate creations, I did get to come home with some of his quirky greetings cards:

Candice from Cordial Kitten was in Chattanooga- I met and traded with her back in September 2011 at Renegade Chicago. She split her booth with Sally Harless of sadly harmless – both their work meshed so nicely together.

I came home with another kitty by Candice, this time in 2D form:

The kitty is pictured with work by Leslie of Off the Map. Her collages of tree and bike silhouettes paired with bold colors and maps are just gorgeous and can be personalized by state and or city. Here’s a photo of just some of her setup:

In addition to talented artists, there was a decent selection of vintage items at the show.

The Green Door Trading Company had a very colorful arrangement going on.

Katie of Vintage Love hauled so many goodies to the show- i love the setup!

Out on a Limb (above) was a booth with a very interesting story behind it. Andrew and Robin Scharff are devoted parents seeking to expand their family of four to include a fifth member- an adopted child from China. All of the money raised from sales at Chatty Crafty and on their etsy storefront go towards their dream of adding to the family. Pretty inspirational if you ask me! Best of luck, Andrew and Robin!

If you know me, you know that I’m mildly obsessed with plush food- I think I mention that fact in every blog post that features plush food- whoops! Anyhow, as a result, I fell in love with the work of Brian and Cre Willis of Seven Feathers Tribe– not only do they have cute felt junk food, they have a whole assortment of felt veggies and fruit:

Check out this doggy who sought shade in my booth- so big and shaggy and cute!

How amazing is this silkscreen print by Josh of arcade death?! I’m always excited to see fellow printmakers, but it was particularly exciting to meet Josh and talk shop- he comes from a traditional printmaking education background as well. If you’ve made it this far in the post and you’re a printmaker, this is your open invitation to nerd out with me any time!

These little illustrated magnets by Little Red Afro are so fun! I picked up a tiny cupcake with a moustache, obviously:

The mounted felt moustache is courtesy of Heather from squackdoodle. The letterpress gift tag and happy birthday cards are by Beth of Quill and Arrow Press– her work is chock full of beautiful, contemporary patterns. I also adore these envelope cards:

I love these eclectic plush creations from Canoo, based out of Asheville, NC.

I was blown away by Celia Barbieri’s Button Florist booth- a fusion of colorful flowers, buttons, and ceramics? It was a dream come true! I spent way too long perusing her creations and took way too many photographs of each bouquet.

I am also so lucky to be a proud owner of one of her beautiful bouquets:

Finally, I met Janae Easton, another artist who traveled from afar to be at the show- all the way from Florida! Her colorful renderings are just my style- bright and full of patterns. We even have similar birdy styles! Her storefront is called platypusfile.

She still uses the gocco process to make her cards and prints- awesome! I came home with an adorable tote, card, and handmade infinity scarf by Janae- thanks so much!

Thank you so much to Lynda from Chatty Crafty for having me- I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived, but I met so many talented artists and really fell for the town of Chattanooga. I should mention that while I didn’t do much sightseeing, I ate at some top notch restaurants over the weekend. Urban Stack, a highly recommended burger bar, was packed when I walked there for dinner on Saturday night. I also enjoyed a meal at The Blue Plate right on the green where Chatty Crafty was held. Before I left Tennessee on Monday, I indulged in this delectable donut across the river at Julie Darling Donuts– YUM.

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This is the first post in a two part blog about my road trip to vend at Chatty Crafty in Chattanooga, Tennessee back in April of this year. I made a couple of stops along the way and took so many photos, I had to separate it into two posts- it would have been too much of a visual overload! Anyhow, begin part one: I set sail in my little two-door nugget car on Wednesday, April 18th and headed to my first stop in Durham, NC. Remember my friend Oates, the guy who got the perm on Jimmy Fallon? Well, he’s still kickin’ it in North Carolina (sans perm), so he showed me around town and I met some of his band buddies from Shit! That’s Ironical. Our first destination- Motorco Music Hall, a young music venue/bar in a converted garage in the Central Park district of Durham.

Motorco was great- full of friendly people and a delicious beer selection. Bonus- the night I showed up, !!! (chk chk chk) was playing in the main room! Anyhow, it’s a fun find if you’re in Durham- definitely check it out. The next day, Oates showed me around town; we started with an amazing lunch at another newer Durham locale called Bull City Burger and Brewery.

In addition to their fun pub ambiance, delicious beverages, and commitment to locally sourced food, I enjoyed the best burger I’ve ever eaten, no joke. It was the perfect ratio of burger to topping to bun and every aspect was cooked to perfection. I’m drooling just thinking about it right now . . . I loved it so much I would even consider being a part of their tattoo program . . . if only I lived closer.

Durham is also home to some great old signs and the old Lucky Strike factory/water tower- naturally, I spent some time with my Polaroid cameras and Instagram app documenting my favorite aspects. I included some photos here- you can check out more on my flickr.

After lunch and a short tour, I continued westward to see my friend Shawn in Knoxville, TN. I arrived kind of late, so I didn’t get to see much of the town that night. We did enjoy dinner at Soccer Taco in Market Square, a bustling downtown square in the heart of Knoxville. The next morning, Shawn’s rescued boxer Bob didn’t want to see me leave:

After some forlorn pets on the head goodbye, I headed back into downtown Knoxville. One of the major reasons I stopped in Knoxville (other than saying “hey” to Shawn) was to visit Yee Haw Industries, one of my favorite letterpress companies. They travel to many of the shows I do, but also have a storefront in Knoxville; I knew seeing their home-base would be a totally unique experience! My timing couldn’t have been better- just a week after my visit, Kevin Bradley and Julie Belcher scheduled to shut their doors after 15 years on South Gay Street and work on their own, separate, endeavors. While in there, many locals came in to express their sympathies- it’s nice to know that despite their closing, the town really did appreciate the work that they did. Their storefront was awesome:

Look at all that type in the window! There’s more where that came from . . .

The Yee Haw store was an amazing visual print-nerd overload. I got to spend some serious quality time with their racks and racks of prints. I fell in love with some of their monoprints, but they were way out of my price range- so I settled on these uniquely shaped carved guitar prints. I can’t wait to frame them!

After spending wayyyy too much time in Yee Haw, I headed back to Market Square to check out a store that had piqued my interest the evening before. Bliss Home (and the Bliss boutique across the way) were my shopping dreams come true. Bliss Home was akin to an independent Anthropologie, complete with mini home settings, unique wall art, and other funky domestic finds. I fell in love with their reclaimed wooden furniture- I snapped some photos with my phone, but they didn’t come out great. I did come home with these adorable owl planters- they are now homes to my basil and chive plants:

The “Mr. and Mrs.” card came from their sister store across the way, simply named Bliss. It’s made by smock. a letterpress company based out of upstate New York. The pack of thank you cards to the left came from a cute custom design studio I happened upon, just outside of Market Square. I met Ty Pattison, one half of the studio The Happy Envelope, and he told me all about his and his wife Sarah’s custom invitation endeavors. The work they had hanging throughout the storefront was beautiful- very inspiring. Check out this diagram about typography they had displayed:

I didn’t get to take any photos of it, but I also checked out a great store packed with handmade goodies called rala – the store was also just off Market Square. It seems Market Square is definitely the place to be in Knoxville!

After a morning of retail therapy, I hopped on Route 40 to head to Chattanooga. Google maps recommended taking the interstate all the way to Chattanooga, but I decided to head down a state route to see if there was anything cool to document. My route took me through Rockwood, TN, a small town bursting with antique stores. I checked out a few and happened upon some amazing finds- how cool are these vintage designs? The last photo is of a collection of holiday cards by a crafty family named the Colburns- each card is a handprinted block print featuring a holiday image.

I came home with another fabric calendar, some sweet old photos (you can see some if you click on the flickr link I mentioned previously in this post), an old window for my booth, and a sewing ottoman that I’ve also begun using in my booth setup.

After my antique-ing adventures, I rolled into Chattanooga just in time to set up for the Chatty Crafty show- Lynda Buckels, the organizer, allowed all the vendors to set up the night before the sh0w. Amazing! The show was held right on the waterfront, next to the state aquarium. Setup went off without a hitch, so afterwards I headed into town to find dinner. I ended up at the Big River Grille & Brewing Works. One of the perks about traveling alone- no waiting in line at restaurants! I got to sit immediately at the bar and chowed down on an amazing pasta dish. Afterwards, I enjoyed a cupcake dessert across the street at GiGi’s Cupcakes, a mobile cupcake bakery. Onwards to my hostel . . .

The Chatty Crafty organizers recommended The Crash Pad hostel to the out of town vendors. I’ve generally had great luck with hostels, home and abroad, so I was optimistic- The Crash Pad managed to exceed my expectations.

Located in the Southside neighborhood, this pristine lodging facility boasts an outdoor fire pit, full kitchen, individual bunks in addition to private rooms, a six-toed cat, and the majority of their fixtures are locally sourced. The location is ideal- ample parking, yet close to Chattanooga’s free downtown electric shuttle. They love to cater to the rock climbing community in the area, but are super friendly and welcoming to any traveler passing through- most of their staff even came to Chatty Crafty! This was where I stayed- a private bunk, complete with a lamp and a fan.

Alright, time to end post one- post two will be all about my experience at Chatty Crafty and all of the talented artists and crafters I encountered! Stay tuned- part two of my trip to Tennessee will be published tomorrow; it includes features on many of the participating artists at April’s Chatty Crafty event!

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spring craft season has officially spring! two weekends ago, the day after the Go West! Craft Fest, nick and i headed to Ardmore’s Clover Market to check the scene. if you haven’t seen my schedule, i am participating in May’s market and i’m very excited! anyhow, check out some of the work by the talented vendors who participated in April’s market:

loved these vibrant fabric flowers by little blue studio! all the way from maryland 🙂

i enjoyed these mega-detailed prints by the 50/50 company, especially this philadelphia one that i picked up.

have you had a taste of a beverage from the new hope fountain? holy moly, sooo delicious- i urge you to check them out! i enjoyed my first beverage by them at montgomeryville’s grilled cheese place melt down.

i’m such a sucker for a) plush food and b) plush food with a moustache. check out val’s art studio for all kinds of needlefelted goodies.

nick and i picked up a sweet wedding card from rachel ink- she had all kinds of adorable stationery that you can find in her etsy shop.

adorable stitched silver lined clouds by chez sucre chez. not only were her contemporary cross stitched creations awesome, her booth setup was very cohesive and creative.

i wrote about them back in november, and i’m still just as smitten with their work- almanac industries has these sweet letterpress nautical-themed cards.

 . . . also a sucker for owls. check out this plush owl catching some Zzz’s by emily ann’s kloset!

elegant silkscreened cards by press no. 9

i know this isn’t art related, but how freakin’ cute is this fat corgi nugg?!

there was a variety of vintage vendors throughout the market, but i was really surprised to happen upon these letters from the keswick theater! pretty cool find, circa dee!

here’s a pic of our purchases from the market- we were obviously on the hunt for wedding cards for our 4 upcoming weddings this year. the fork and spoon is by rachel ink, as mentioned prior. the “let’s party” card is by my local fav, black heart letterpress. the tiered cake congrats card is by rifle paper co. – we actually found it elsewhere in ardmore, at paper source in suburban square. we walked in just as they were closing- i can’t wait to go back!

i have been on the hunt for fruit scented sugar scrub and alas i found it at sweet sally’s booth! i didn’t realize it at the time, but they came all the way from lewisburg, pa- the home of bucknell, where i used to teach! pretty cool.

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saturday, april 14th was a busy day for exit343design! it was the kickoff of my spring craft show season in West Philly, as well as the opening for my split silkscreen show at Nice Things Handmade in South Philly with Bryan Sculthorpe of yardsale press. crazy!

this was my first time vending at the Go West! Craft Fest by Vix Emporium. it also coincided with their first time hosting the show at the Woodlands, a cemetery and historic mansion in Philadelphia. the day was perfect- sunny and breezy, with flowers blooming everywhere. my table was littered with petals from this gorgeous cherry tree.

seriously though- if you haven’t been to these historic grounds, it’s really a neighborhood gem. i had never even heard of the Woodlands prior to this, but looking at their list of people buried there, it’s crazy that i hadn’t! i didn’t have much time to peruse, but the national historic landmark is home to the bodies of the man that Bucknell University is named after, Joseph Campbell of Campbell’s soup, famous painter Thomas Eakins, and most of the early Drexel family.

my plush owls and goldfish really enjoyed the weather- and all of the hugs provided by passing children 🙂

i finally got around to painting my print holders. i’m really pleased with how they turned out!

the show brought out a good and consistent crowd. i didn’t have a helper for the day, but i did get to make the quick dash through to fair and take in some great work. many of my local favorites were present and accounted for- Kaye Rachelle, Blackheart Letterpress, & As the Crow Flies.

my booth neighbor was the silkscreen print duo Totemsoul. Dan and Kaitlin produce hand dyed tshirts with elaborate silkscreen printed adornments. their work definitely has an organic, tribal influenced feel which make sense after reading all about their art backgrounds on their website. one of my favorite pieces by them was their dyed and printed scarves:

the attic youth center, the only independent LGBTQ youth center in Philadelphia, had a booth just down from me. i met a couple of their spunky members, one of which designed that fashionable owl design. love it! i also adore the hugging heart pillow 🙂

 i didn’t get to document her table, but i really enjoyed the meticulous drawings by Laura Murdoch. check out this pen and ink fish!! i wonder how long it takes her to craft these:

not far from her booth was a table full of lovely, vintage adornments by Heather Breyer of Bee Vintage Redux. i am seriously obsessed with her work- i am regretting not picking up one of these necklaces!

these clever ceramic flasks by Chase Brown were fabulous. you even get a glimpse of the artist in this pic:

i also really enjoyed these cityscape totebags by Sarah Kodish-Eskind:

after the craft fest concluded at 5pm, Bryan and I hustled down to South Philly for our show opening at Nice Things. the evening was great- our families showed up, as well as many friends from Rowan and otherwise. thank you so much to Elissa for hosting the event and to everyone who came out! the show is still hanging and will be up until May 10th- be sure to stop in and check it out in the flesh!

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