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THIS SUNDAY, April 13th, is the season opener of The Clover Market! The first show of the season is in Chestnut Hill 🙂 Here is a sampling of some fellow makers who will be in attendance!

clover market april 2014



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Wayyyyy back in June, I was a vendor at the thirteenth annual InLiquid Art for the Cash Poor held at the Crane Arts Building in Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA. I’m not sure why it took me this long to blog about the event, but alas, it did. I met some awesome people and came home with some great items so I couldn’t just skip a post about it! Reviewing these photos got me excited for the upcoming fall show season 🙂

one of my neighbors was burning sphere, hand crafted glass jewelry by Philly native Sara Schuenemann. small world- i actually made my sweet tooth print for her tooth-themed auction fundraiser back in 2009!

my other neighbor was Diane Koss, of cutesy but not cutesy fame. i’m a fan of her plush, but i fell hard for these mugs!

across from me was the print-dominant display of artists represented Paradigm Gallery.

i can’t find a website for her, but printmaker Megan Amendt’s studio called Ryeworks was one of my favorite booths by far. her ethereal etchings are so detailed and unique that i fell in love. i stood there for SO long deciding what to get- here’s what i ended up with:

how cute are these cacti by the maple ridge?

love these illustrated porcelain earrings by Cara Long of Sweet Mud Clay Works.

early on, i ventured outside to check out the other vendors when i happened upon THESE CUTIES from Street Tails Animal Rescue in Northern Liberties. the black and white pup is named Bongo! ahhh! i wanted to bring him home.

while we’re on cute pups, check out Duke reppin his brand! look at that mug!

simple and well-crafted barnyard inspired pillows by Eric Fausnacht.

innovative upcycled bike tube earrings by stitch prism.

ornate ceramic bud vases by Stefani Threet.

my friend Aaron Weber of Fine Arts Dept. crafted these magnets from found paper.

gorgeous ceramic coasters by Mikal Brutzman of Micari Arts. so happy to own these!

local glass artist Penelope Rakov had an array of her jewelry on display, as well as boxes of glass ends/extras to sift through. i picked up these four seaside colored glass bits to frame them in a small shadow box.

amazing rustic looking upcycled candle sticks from Recycled Rowhouse! it’s hard to tell in the photo, but the stems are a cream color and the bases are a vintage mint green. i am a HUGE fan of their work.

thank you to InLiquid for another great year!

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