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as some of you may know, i’m a pinterest addict; i have an ever-expanding collection of board categories that appeal to my anal retentive organization side. recently, i was tasked with the project of freshening up my boyfriend’s family’s shore house. it’s a quaint rental on LBI that needed some colorful updates to bring it out of it’s former beach-junk-clutter decor. we purged the house of sun-bleached prints depicting 80s fish and faux-oil paintings of lighthouses, and began the update with colorful, cool striped bed spreads, which served as my color inspiration. here are some photos (admittedly not the best quality) of the pieces I put together on a shoestring budget- some of them were DIY idea appropriated from pinterest:

i am really proud of these two paper flower bouquets. i scoured the interwebs to find an easy and refined way to make a bouquet from paper and this method was the winner! i picked up some cheap and elegant containers from ikea- check out the VASEN & my favorite, the SKURAR.

this was another pinterest-inspired idea- it actually turned out nothing like the tutorial i found, but i like it even more. ingredients: leaves, canvas, spray paint, and a little patience.

this is a photo of one of the bedrooms- you can sort of make out the blue & green bed spreads. above the beds used to hang old faux-oil paintings of lighthouses. to add a little bit of modern beach look, along with some function, we installed these fun ikea shelves. i hunted out some colorful glass and ceramics to decorate. it’s a little extreme, but this image i found on pinterest is what inspired me:

pictured above is a closeup of one of the shelves. below, is a view of the dining and living area:

i’m really happy with the layout of the canvases (the closest one on the left is fabric i stretched like a painting), but the couch cover needs a facelift. all in due time- it’s definitely still a work in progress!

ps- let’s connect on pinterest! i love to follow back 🙂

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just got back on Monday from my first trip to Chicago in 5 years- crazy! what a beautiful city- i can’t wait to share some pics of it with you all. now that i’m back, it’s crunch time to get ready for Renegade Chicago in two weekends! if you have facebook, you can get more info and RSVP to the weekend event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=253814194636200

today i’m finishing up some reprints in the studio and made these fun little “thank you” coupons that will accompany future etsy orders, effective immediately:

in high school, i lived for going to pop punk shows, sneaking in my Pentax film camera, and taking all kinds of mediocre photographs. i have them saved in a shoe box, knowing one day my worst shots would come in handy for something- these coups are that something! featured in this batch are photos of the bands Tsunami Bomb, Motion City Soundtrack, Fenix Tx, and Yellowcard hahaha.

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