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perhaps you remember my post back in October about the National Stationery Show? at the end of the post, I mentioned that I was lucky enough to attend Tradeshow Bootcamp’s Paper Camp in Washington, DC; normally held on the West Coast, it was a particularly awesome (and much less expensive) opportunity. Bryan from Yardsale Press and I drove down together to soak up the paper goods tradeshow and wholesale knowledge along with 15 other designers and makers from around the country.

Katie Hunt from Kelp Designs is the ring leader for the weekend-long camp, selecting a rotating cast of speakers from a variety of positions in the paper goods industry. Over the course of the weekend, we heard from:

– Carina Murray and Kim Yurkiewicz of Crow + Canary, a stationery rep group.

– Claudia Smith and Megan Soh of Fig. 2 Design Studio

– Erika Firm of Delphine Press and Chromatic + Co.

– Rachael Hetzel of Pistachio Press

– Nole Garey of Oh So Beautiful Paper, a popular paper goods trend blog.

– Heather Haynie and Dani Antol of Rock Paper Scissors, a brick-and-mortar in Virginia.

the weekend was sponsored by StationeryHQ, Lettuce, and Legion Paper, all who provided awesome samples and swag.


I’ll tell you what- going to a conference about paper goods certainly has its perks in really nicely printed take-home materials. we arrived to beautiful programs printed on Legion Paper and a variety of personalized gear printed through StationeryHQ. I mean seriously- a personalized notepad with my name imprinted on every page? Badass.


after a brief breakfast and round-table introductions, we got right into the nitty-gritty. there was A LOT of information to cram into just two days time. we covered topics like developing wedding albums for stores, the basics of catalogues and other sales tools, what exactly having a sales rep means, building a booth for NSS, marketing tips, budgeting tips, and so much more. it’d be easier to write what we didn’t cover (not much)- at the end of both days, my brain was ready to explode.


photo of the whole group enthralled by the presentation by Mary Kate McKenna Photography

during the weekend, we were encouraged to use social media to post about our Paper Camp experience. I chose to doodle some key points and post them to Instagram- in the end, I won a pack of notecards for my efforts!


it would be impossible to even begin to list all that I learned from my weekend in DC. speaking of lists, I came home with a laundry list of goals and items on my to-do list thanks to the discussions we had.


in addition to coming home with the longest to-do list ever, Katie sent us packing with a TON of awesome stationery-related swag from sponsors and Bootcamp Alumni alike. I somehow crammed all of it into this sweet tote by Sapling Press.




so much paper-y goodness! pictured above is work by: 55 Hi’s, Ladyfingers Letterpress, Farewell Paperie, Pistachio Press, 9th Letter Press, Fig. 2 Design Studio, Flywheel Press, Tattly, Delphine, Meant to be Sent, Pink Orchid Press, Thimblepress, and Brainstorm. i can’t wait to send some cards and decorate my studio with all these fun takeaways.

Paper Camp Class of 2013

Paper Camp DC, Class of 2013- photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Paper Camp DC Part Two, Class of 2013- photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Paper Camp DC Part Two, Class of 2013- photo by Mary Kate McKenna Photography

a big thank you to Katie and her awesome industry cohorts for a wonderful weekend packed with inspiration and information! my class was also chock-full of talented individuals- be sure to check my classmates’ work and keep an eye for them at a future NSS! the camp roster included the owners of the following paper purveying companies:

  *  Idieh Design  *  Inspired Goodness  *  Ten Four Paper  *  Betsywhite  *

*  Think & Ink Studio  *  Grey Moggie Press  *   Ruby the Fox: A Paperie  *

*  Near Modern Disaster  *  Paper Presence  *  Constellation & Co.  *

C Designs & Illustrations  *  Florence & Florence  *  Funnyserious  *

*  Yardsale Press  *  Mountain Paper  *

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wayyyy back in May, I had the opportunity to play hooky and attend The National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York City. this industry event features the best of the best in stationery, paper goods, and gift items and is not open to the public. fortunately, friend and colleague Matt of Pittsburgh’s Alternate Histories hooked me up with a pass to come in and scope out the show (thank you thank you thank you Matt!) Bryan of Yardsale Press also procured a pass and we spent the day roaming around, checking out the awesome work, and chatting with friends and vendors about their NSS experiences. I picked up a ton of fun catalogues, cards, and other paper paraphernalia- I am hoping to one day be a vendor at NSS and was gathering inspiration. I took so many notes, wrote down so many names of companies, but honestly? there is just too much to type and I don’t want to bore you with lists. instead, I took photos of some of the coolest things I picked up by some really talented designers and printers. here is my photo recap of NSS 2013:


as I quickly learned, there’s a million ways to layout a wholesale catalogue. the above photo is a stack of some of my favorite examples.

Becki from Everyday Balloons told us about a scavenger hunt that anyone could participate in- all we had to do was pick up a game board. thanks for the tip, Becki! we had a great time hunting down the squares to fill in our “bingo” cards, provided by Legion Paper:


each pack of bingo cards came with two boards with shaded in images and a list of participating vendors. at each booth, you picked up the full color pieces to fill in each board. here’s all of the colored pieces:


this is the list of participating vendors and what type of paper they used to print their full color pieces, along with the bingo “chips” to use when properly playing bingo:


here is some of the other cool, paper-nerd swag I came home with, grouped by kind:


Studio on Fire is a company out of Minneapolis who made these amazing promotional coasters that came in an equally beautiful printed box. talk about a striking presentation- and the guys at the booth were super nice to boot!


I picked up some other cool coasters as well- my favorite is in the bottom right-hand corner, a fun alternative to a traditional business card. sadly, i don’t remember who made it 😦


speaking of business cards, these were some of the most unique/colorful/memorable business cards I picked up, counter-clockwise from the top left: hello! Lucky, Belle & Union, L2 Design Collective, Studio On Fire (again!), Katharine Watson, Wishbone Letterpress, The Regional Assembly of Text, Fugu Fugu Press, and Ladyfingers Letterpress.


we stopped in to see our friends from Black Heart Letterpress, who were sharing a booth with the Ladies of Letterpress. the ladies of the letterpress were handing out these fun artist trading card packs featuring cards by Ari Press, Les Bois Letterpress, Creativity Cards, Noteworthy Paper and Press, Grey Moggie Press, Steel Petal Press, Pressbound, 12 Fifteen, and Bowerbox Press, in addition to Black Heart.


stickers! even better- cat stickers! the nerd cat is from fancy seeing you here and the bottom two stickers are from these are things.


i like these fancy postcards: counter clockwise from the top left: Vicki Latimer Roan, Rifle paper company, Vicki Latimer Roan, ink meets paper press, and Dinara Mirtalipova.


 . . . and finally, here is a bunch of random cool things that don’t really fit into any particular category! clockwise from the top pinata printed toy: Bench Pressed, Dolce Press, Fig. 2, The Regional Assembly of Text, Egg Press, ilee paper goods, Fifty Five Hi’s, “seed money” from ?, The Paper Cub Co, and Hammerpress.

while walking the show, Bryan and I spoke with a whole bunch of alumni from the Trade Show Bootcamp program. everyone had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the crash course in trade show prep! typically, TSB is held on the West Coast, but this year, organizer Katie Hunt of Kelp Designs decided to bring a stationery-specific version to the east coast. after returning from NSS, we both quickly applied to the program and this weekend we are headed to Washington D.C. to attend Paper Camp! I’m so excited to meet all of the attendees and soak up the trade show knowledge 🙂


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