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the holiday 2013 season was a busy one for exit343design! I was fortunate enough to be accepted to a few shows that I had never before vended at in towns I had never before visited. I kicked off my holiday season full of traveling in November at Craftopia in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. it was held in this cool refabbed artist space called the Hope Artist Village. the day was SO busy and I had no helper, so I really didn’t get to walk it and take any photographs. I did get to run around in a mad dash at the end – here’s some of the cool vendors I saw with photos lifted from their respective sites:

elizabeth benotti

elizabeth benotti has awesome patterned ceramics.

michelle phaneuf ceramics

i purchased some snow sports themed holiday ornaments from Michelle Phaneuf.


marc art focuses on adorable animal inspired prints and home goods.


i also came home with a bag full of goodies, including: the simple and graphic holiday cards on the left are from Weehah!, a fun stationery company from Massachusetts. the earrings in the middle are by my kind and friendly next-door booth neighbor, Kim Young.  the sea glass necklace on the right is by Beach Girl Glassworks– i picked up one in silver AND in gold 🙂 in all, Providence was cool and Craftopia was a huge success! I hope to be back there in a future holiday season.

the following weekend, I trekked out to Columbus, Ohio to both attend a show and vend at another. that Saturday, I checked out Columbus staple Craftin’ Outlaws. I unfortunately didn’t get accepted to it, but after walking the show, I could see why- there were SO many talented printmakers there! some of my favorite vendors included:

stinky bomb soap

LOVED these Ohio shaped soaps by Stinky Bomb Soap! check out their online shop for a whole array of brightly colored, uniquely shaped soaps.

yao cheng design

these hand-painted ornaments by Yao Cheng really made me wish we had gotten a larger Christmas tree this past year.

AJW Creations

true to personal form, I gravitated towards these fascinating ceramic shapes by Adam J Waddell. not only was his work unique, his booth presentation was great.

mute and gold

also true to personal form, I zeroed in on these beautiful and subversive prints by Mute and Gold.


these Ohio specific creations by Igloo Letterpress were great! the show had so many different items showing off Ohio pride.

Flytrap StudiosFlytrap Studios

remember those talents printmakers I was talking about? Jody of Flytrap Studios was definitely one of them. I’m smitten with her printed patterns on scarves, clothing, and this awesome 2014 tea towel!

Cynthia Vardhan

I got a sweet deal on this simple bid vase from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics.

fizz creative

Jasen and Katie of Fizz Creative were very friendly and super talented to boot! Their modern, designer-ly style is really eye catching. I enjoyed their colorful branding of their respective home locales. If you’re from Michigan, Ohio, or Erie, check out their Etsy storefront right here.

Heidi Kenney

I was so excited to see some work from Heidi Kenney (aka my paper crane) at Rivet’s booth. Look at those rain drops! Eeee!

After a nice afternoon wandering the show, I made a quick pitstop at Wholly Craft, one of the stores that carries my work. It was so cool to see my work in the wild!

wholly craft

Look, look! Those are my buttons, prints, and cards!

greeting cards

I picked up some awesome greeting cards from Wholly Craft’s extensive stock. The wedding card on the left is by The Social Type and the baby card on right is by L2 Design Collective.

That night, I hung out with the Pittsburgh creatives gang (the talented folks behind Alternate Histories, Garbella, strawberryluna, and Everyday Balloons) and had a delicious dinner at Knead. I also popped in to a few awesome local stores- be sure to stop in an say hello to Gregory at Fringe and check out Tigertree, both on North High Street, the next time you’re in Columbus!

The next day, I squeezed in some breakfast at Skillet, a unbelievably delicious farm-t0-table restaurant. I was there 15 minutes before they opened and watched 6 other people dash in when the minute hand changed to open. Check out this house made cinnamon bun- it was so decadent:

Skillet Columbus

If that doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know what would!

After breakfast, I set up shop at the Columbus Craftacular at Schiller Park Community Center. It was the debut of my full background display, courtesy of Bryan from Yardsale Press. I also made a new sign for the front of my booth and a new tee display:

craft show display

What a great show! It was a great mix of vendors, many whose work I had never before seen. Despite some ugly weather outside, it was a pretty decent turnout. Here’s some photos of work by just some of my talented neighbors:

Artistic Flair

Deb from Artistic Flair was my next-door neighbor- she makes these fun glass ornaments and other glass goodies.


loved these bird ornaments by Potbellies!

Object Adapte

rustic upcycled piggy pillows by Objet Adapte.

Annette LaskerAnnette Lasker

I stocked up on holiday greeting cards from Annette Lasker! How freaking cute are these woodland creatures? The perfect cards for any winter holiday! And those kitty coin purses! A maker after my own heart haha.

Hen Pen

I also added to my holiday card collection with these by Hen Pen Designs.

Tulane Road Pottery

This year, we trimmed the tree with these tiny ceramic stars by Tulane Road Pottery.

Debris Mercantile

I met the super nice duo behind Debris Mercantile; they make wooden and up-cycled home goods like this beer carrier which I am now using to tote six packs to parties 🙂

HevVin Designs

Even though I wasn’t born in 1971, I fell in love with this OOAK tote by Jamie of HevVin Designs. It’s been getting quite a workout since I came home with it!

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wayyyy back in May, I had the opportunity to play hooky and attend The National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York City. this industry event features the best of the best in stationery, paper goods, and gift items and is not open to the public. fortunately, friend and colleague Matt of Pittsburgh’s Alternate Histories hooked me up with a pass to come in and scope out the show (thank you thank you thank you Matt!) Bryan of Yardsale Press also procured a pass and we spent the day roaming around, checking out the awesome work, and chatting with friends and vendors about their NSS experiences. I picked up a ton of fun catalogues, cards, and other paper paraphernalia- I am hoping to one day be a vendor at NSS and was gathering inspiration. I took so many notes, wrote down so many names of companies, but honestly? there is just too much to type and I don’t want to bore you with lists. instead, I took photos of some of the coolest things I picked up by some really talented designers and printers. here is my photo recap of NSS 2013:


as I quickly learned, there’s a million ways to layout a wholesale catalogue. the above photo is a stack of some of my favorite examples.

Becki from Everyday Balloons told us about a scavenger hunt that anyone could participate in- all we had to do was pick up a game board. thanks for the tip, Becki! we had a great time hunting down the squares to fill in our “bingo” cards, provided by Legion Paper:


each pack of bingo cards came with two boards with shaded in images and a list of participating vendors. at each booth, you picked up the full color pieces to fill in each board. here’s all of the colored pieces:


this is the list of participating vendors and what type of paper they used to print their full color pieces, along with the bingo “chips” to use when properly playing bingo:


here is some of the other cool, paper-nerd swag I came home with, grouped by kind:


Studio on Fire is a company out of Minneapolis who made these amazing promotional coasters that came in an equally beautiful printed box. talk about a striking presentation- and the guys at the booth were super nice to boot!


I picked up some other cool coasters as well- my favorite is in the bottom right-hand corner, a fun alternative to a traditional business card. sadly, i don’t remember who made it 😦


speaking of business cards, these were some of the most unique/colorful/memorable business cards I picked up, counter-clockwise from the top left: hello! Lucky, Belle & Union, L2 Design Collective, Studio On Fire (again!), Katharine Watson, Wishbone Letterpress, The Regional Assembly of Text, Fugu Fugu Press, and Ladyfingers Letterpress.


we stopped in to see our friends from Black Heart Letterpress, who were sharing a booth with the Ladies of Letterpress. the ladies of the letterpress were handing out these fun artist trading card packs featuring cards by Ari Press, Les Bois Letterpress, Creativity Cards, Noteworthy Paper and Press, Grey Moggie Press, Steel Petal Press, Pressbound, 12 Fifteen, and Bowerbox Press, in addition to Black Heart.


stickers! even better- cat stickers! the nerd cat is from fancy seeing you here and the bottom two stickers are from these are things.


i like these fancy postcards: counter clockwise from the top left: Vicki Latimer Roan, Rifle paper company, Vicki Latimer Roan, ink meets paper press, and Dinara Mirtalipova.


 . . . and finally, here is a bunch of random cool things that don’t really fit into any particular category! clockwise from the top pinata printed toy: Bench Pressed, Dolce Press, Fig. 2, The Regional Assembly of Text, Egg Press, ilee paper goods, Fifty Five Hi’s, “seed money” from ?, The Paper Cub Co, and Hammerpress.

while walking the show, Bryan and I spoke with a whole bunch of alumni from the Trade Show Bootcamp program. everyone had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the crash course in trade show prep! typically, TSB is held on the West Coast, but this year, organizer Katie Hunt of Kelp Designs decided to bring a stationery-specific version to the east coast. after returning from NSS, we both quickly applied to the program and this weekend we are headed to Washington D.C. to attend Paper Camp! I’m so excited to meet all of the attendees and soak up the trade show knowledge 🙂


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the end of 2012 was a whirlwind of holiday prep and holiday craft shows. i was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off of my day job and head south to vend at the IAMarket in Fayetteville, NC, The Big Crafty in Asheville, NC, and be a returning vendor at Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, PA. i also got to see some friends and family; all in all, it was a great trip!


on my way down, i stopped to see my friend Oates in Durham- we went to lunch at my favorite burger joint to date, Bull City Burger! we even had the same great server as our last visit- thanks so much for a delicious lunch, Shadoe! after lunch, i trekked down to Lumberton to stay with my friend Anne-Claire; she was my roommate during my college study abroad trip to Italy and I hadn’t seen her in six years. we had a blast catching up and hanging out at the local pub Candy Sue’s.


after our fun night hanging with the locals, i busted a move up to Fayetteville for a IAMarket at the Marquis Market.

marquis market

the small show was packed with big talent! that’s one thing i love about traveling to shows in different states- meeting new artists and seeing different work.

muddy heart pottery

muddy heart pottery was my neighbor- i love her unique porcelain creations. her style is a great mix of the feminine and funny.

clever fig

i spent some time chatting with Lana of clever fig studios; i adore her illustrative style of painting! much of her work is done in watercolor and i came home with her cardinal print- you can pick one up too.

meagans mark

i was really struck by the work of Meagan of aptly named Meagan’s Mark. her style is reminiscent of silkscreen prints, but every one of her products is drawn by hand, therefore totally one of a kind. much of her shop is comprised of decorated Moleskines and greeting cards, but she also sells some intricate embroidered pieces. i am pumped to have come home with one of her floral notebooks.


this was the market where i debuted my cat print and cat buttons- they were a hit! thanks so much to Morineki and Sharetta for having me, to Tiffany Hill of Banglewood Crafts for the interview opportunity (you can watch it here), and to Duane for being my number one tshirt fan! hopefully i’ll be back to Fayetteville in 2013!

after packing up at the Marquis Market, i hightailed it to Asheville to vend at The Big Crafty at the Asheville Art Museum. i had no idea how large this event would be- it took over the whole space and spanned two floors!

asheville art museum

my setup

fortunately, i finished setting up pretty early and got to walk around and check out the other vendors.


the smiling rock box shop was a visually impressive booth- full walls of handmade boxes containing vintage trinkets. i’m a sucker for a cool skeleton key, so i came home with this little box:

smiling rock box

hawks and doves

hawks and doves had an enormous display of rustic-inspired products crafted from upcycled seed bags and the like. how cute are those country Christmas stockings?

perla anne

how cute are these little stamps by perla anne? they’re the perfect gift for a kid or crafter.

gentleman's shaving kit

i love the simple, modern package design on these shave kits by buda botanicals.

annie singletary

one of my neighbors was the talented ceramicist Annie Singletary – her pattern work on each piece is so different from other ceramicists i’ve seen. i came home with some of her gorgeous patterned tumblers:

annie singletary


Robin Plemmons’ work is “balls to the wall, y’all”- brazen and fun. check out her etsy store for even more sassy sayings.


Moni Hill was another neighbor of mine- her playful paintings are a staple in Asheville.


i spent a lot of time chatting with Molly from Neogranny; i had seen her work before at Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly, so it was awesome to meet her and be neighbors 🙂

katie coleman

Katie Coleman, an artist from Atlanta, had a table full of original kitty themed work. i picked up this little statue and greeting card for my aunt.


i also came home with this awesome handmade tote bag to carry all my Asheville goodies in- including this silkscreen printed scarf and card by holdfast printworks.

after a really successful day at the museum, i spent a couple of more days sightseeing in Asheville. i stayed at this awesome hostel called Sweet Peas; i’ve really had some great luck with hostels in 2012! it was right downtown and within walking distance of a bunch of great restaurants and bars.

sweet peas


So yeah, great restaurants- Asheville is packed with places who specialize in delicious local food. I had a hearty breakfast on that Sunday at The Green Sage– it was packed with people, so i figured it would be a good sign- it was. After the show, I headed to the famous Tupelo Honey Cafe thanks to a recommendation from Virginia of apricot basket. the food was incredible!


the next day, i started at Mayfel’s to have a burger for breakfast- also delicious. afterwards, i spent the day roaming the town and checking out the local shops and artist studios. some of my favorite shops that i checked out were Woolworth Walk and Kress Emporium– both are gallery shops modeled after an antique mall. each artist rents a booth or wall space and curates their own space. there was an awesome mix of artists. some of my favorites were Sarah Faulkner and illustrator Cori Dantini:



after an afternoon downtown, i trekked down to the River Arts District. it’s an art district just outside of downtown full of artist studios and galleries. i made the loop and checked out what was open. Asheville is home to many ceramicists and i got to see all kinds of unique works. my favorite studio of the day was the #12 Curve studio, home to Maria Andrade Troya, Kyle Carpenter, Akira Satake, and Karen Newgard:

karen newgard

on my walk, i ran into Celia aka The Button Florist– her studio is in the area and she showed me around. thanks so much for the tour! she also recommended a brewery down the road called Wedge Brewery. i went to check it out and had a brew. while i was there, i started talking to a guy who had a cute dog- it turns out, it was William Dissen, the owner and head chef of The Market Place restaurant in downtown Asheville. he told me all about Asheville, his restaurant, and New Belgium brewery coming to town. it was awesome to meet him- so naturally, i had to check out his restaurant that night for dinner.

it was amazing. the service was awesome, the ambiance was nice, and the food was terrific. i splurged on this amazing roasted pepper gnocchi dish:


the next day, i headed to check out the famous Biltmore Estate just outside of town. it’s the largest Vanderbilt mansion in the U.S. the place was enormous and impeccably decorated for the holiday. it was also swarming with retirees, making it difficult to traverse. despite the steep ticket price, there’s nothing else like it and i had to visit while i was there. unfortunately, you cannot take photos inside, so i settled for some outdoor views.



in addition to the house, there’s acres and acres of land, a winery, an inn, and an interesting museum about the residents’ lives. in all, i’m glad i went and would definitely want to return later in life with kids. however, i felt the high ticket price was a deterrent for people in my age bracket with limited disposable income.

after touring the Biltmore, i headed to West Virginia to spend some time with my family before heading to Pittsburgh to Handmade Arcade. this year’s Arcade was amazing and crazy busy- i barely had a moment to breathe, let alone walk about and take photographs. i did come home with some great gifts and handmade items though, including work by Huffalo, Pretty Debonair, Everyday Balloons, Strawberryluna, L2 Design Collective , and Hero Design Studio. thank you Pittsburgh for a wonderful time!

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the weekend after i visited the clover market, i was a first time vendor at pittsburgh’s handmade arcade.

what an incredible experience! the venue was spacious, the vendors were super talented, and the crowd was abundant. it was a great way to officially kick off my holiday show season!

new trunk of new plushies!

a new basket of plushie paisleybirds! they each have names and stories 🙂

commonwealth press was my perpendicular neighbor repping pittsburgh with fun and contemporary tshirts.

check out this space! the show was at the david l. lawrence convention center right in the heart of town.

right across from me was this sweet giftwrap print station- check out those screens! the station was run by AIR- artists image resource.

i had purchased a card by L2 Design Collective in chicago- i wish i got one of these bagel cards!

some really phenomenal design by reconstructing ideas.

i really liked kin ship press‘ setup and designs. they were recently featured on fab.com too!

some playful letterpress prints from orange tabby press. gets me excited to use my own new press!

if you recall from my post about renegade chicago, i was SO excited to meet shawn smith of shawnimals fame. WELL- at handmade arcade, i got to meet another artist of kidrobot fame- heidi kenney of my paper crane! i was seriously so excited to get to chat with her. she told me about how she got started and how her partnership with kidrobot happened. thanks so much for being so friendly and down-to-earth, heidi! i love your work 🙂

so so so in love with these fabric swatches!

sloe gin fizz by nicole ray had some beautiful work, including these adorable bird stickers. i love her whimsical illustrations!

i also got to trade for and purchase some great swag. it was tough as i was manning my booth alone, but i managed to make it through the whole show and vend simultaneously. here are the goodies i got:

the truthful “butter is better” silkscreen print is by the husband and wife print team ReuseFirst. they were SUPER nice and i got to see them again in atlanta the following weekend! (that post is up next) the crying raincloud and aodrable little fortune cookie are both by heidi kenney/mypapercrane. i couldn’t resist! the hand colored etching is by my friend and fellow printmaker ellie taraborrelli– she was so gracious to let me stay the night in her home in western pa! i got to see her new studio space and meet her pup ernie. thanks so much for your hospitality, ellie!

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