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i had every intention to catch up on blogging this summer and already, in the blink of an eye, it’s gone! it was a busy couple of months packed with fun, friends, family, travel, and more. the fall/winter show season is quickly approaching and i’ll have some schedule announcements coming soon, along with posts about new products. however, before I get to that, i wanted to do a mini-summer recap about the places i got to visit, the fun things that went down, etc- both for your entertainment and my sanity.

it all began in May, the weekend after Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn’s Landing. my partner Nick and I headed down to D.C. for a fun weekend of catching up with two of my good friends from my grad student days at Penn State University.



Ashley and Mark officially introduced us to Cards Against Humanity, a game I would purchase immediately after returning home and subsequently play with various groups of friends all summer long. they also got engaged shortly before our weekend visit, so we got to chat all about plans and are looking forward to their Big Day in 2014.



in early June, I dragged Nick up to New Hampshire to visit another couple of friends from my undergrad days at Rowan University. Chris and Courtney took us on a tour of their town, then showed us all around Portsmouth, NH + Portland, ME. we got to see so much in such a short amount of time, the weekend flew by! here are the highlights of the places we visited:

Earth Eagle Brewery: we can’t speak highly enough of this “nano brewery” in Portsmouth that is tucked away in the back of a brewing supply store. the size of a living room, this experimental brewery specializes in small batches of fun brews- all sold in tasting glasses for a $1 a pop. we had a blast hanging out in what felt like some kind of secret beer club. I really wish this business model was legal in Pennsylvania!

Gus + Ruby Letterpress: I had been dying to visit this store for a while- I follow their Instagram feed and I love their style! this Portsmouth stationery storefront is chock full of fun and elegant printed matter- cards, art prints, gift wrap, and more.

East End Cupcakes: I’m a sucker for a good cupcake and this Portland bakery was featured on Cupcake Wars. done and done.

Shipyard Brewing Company: we took “the tour” which was not so much a tour as a video played in a room. one of the worst brew tours I’ve ever been on- however, there was one saving grace: about 45 minutes of free beer tasting. also in Portland, ME.

Pinecone + Chickadee: Portland’s own handmade and vintage store. P + C runs the annual Picnic Music + Arts Fest that took place in August (and that I vended at) so I had to stop in! Such a nice mix of products- they also have a whole case of vintage cameras!

in all, we had a great weekend being tourists in New England. a couple of weeks after we left, Chris proposed to Courtney so we are also looking forward to their Big Day in 2014!



the following weekend, I headed down to the Outer Banks with this whole gang for a week of relaxation, pool time, and helicopter flying. yes, helicopter flying- this photo is us on the beach with my friends Gary and Evan at the helm of their octocopter. it’s pretty incredible and they recently started a business doing aerial photo and video for real estate and more- check out their portfolio here.

as it was my first time visiting OBX, we did some touristy things like checking out the Wright Bros. museum and memorial- it was pretty cool!


the summer of 2013 was pretty much the summer of all of my friends getting engaged. my friend for 20+ years (Katy) threw a backyard party to celebrate her engagement to her high school sweetheart, Jason. we all had a blast- here’s a photo of all of the bridesmaids with the bride sporting some Kate Bingaman-Burt diamond Tattly tattoos:




for July 4th weekend, I headed to West Virginia with Nick and my family. we had a relaxing weekend complete with ATV riding, a spin out in the boat on the local lake, and BBQ. i also met this owl friend:



the rest of July was a blur of beach trips, day job work, intramural kickball games, and studio time. at the end of August, I headed back up to New England with Bryan and Hilary of Yardsale Press to vend at the Picnic Music and Arts Fest.



it was a short, but fun trip- I got to see a life size chocolate moose named Lenny, eat an infinity pretzel at In’Finiti Fermentation & Distillation, meet a corgi named Isabella, and chow down on delicious fries from Duckfat in Portland.



I had to do a speed-through tour of the show, but I did manage to snap a couple of pics of some of my favorite items. from left to right: stamps by fishcakesoboy, totes by bybethany, and felt heart pins by migration goods. I also picked up some sweet Heisenberg earrings from Sleepy Mountain and dropped off a ton of my plush paisleybirds with Amy of Pinecone + Chickadee!

in all, it was a fun and busy summer. I can’t believe that September has passed and October is here! like I said, stay tuned for some show announcements, some new product features, and a few other random updates in the works 🙂

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 . . . still trying to get through all my photos from my 2011 holiday show season. better late than never, right? back in mid-November, I hit the road with Nick and headed to Atlanta, GA for my first time vending at the Indie Craft Experience. we extended the trip a bit to visit my friend Oates in Chapel Hill (remember him from Jimmy Fallon last year?) and do some sight seeing in Atlanta. Chapel Hill was awesome for the brief time we were there- got some delicious food at Carrburritos and picked up some local brews for the rest of the trip. We arrived in Atlanta that night, got some grub, and freshened up for next day’s sightseeing!

On Friday, we started out by heading north on Peachtree Street getting lunch at a restaurant called TAP. In addition to impressive menu design (seriously! check their website), they had delicious food and some quirky giant animals:

After lunch, we checked out the collection at Atlanta’s High Museum and caught their Modern Masters exhibition. I was particularly excited to see this Lichtenstein sculpture!

The rest of the day was spent on the other end of Peachtree Street, hanging out in downtown. We did the ultimate tourist activity in Atlanta- ventured through the World of Coca-Cola. It was actually pretty cool- some great old advertisements and an international soda tasting room. 

We rounded out the evening with drinks at the top of the Westin in the center of town- check out the view!

For dinner, we had a fantastic southern style dinner at South City Kitchen in midtown- check out their awesome chicken and fried green tomatoes! YUM.

The next day (Saturday, the 19th) was day one of the Indie Craft Experience! The space was great- located at Ambient Plus Studio, an older refurbished warehouse building. The space wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but fortunately made it work in part with the help/graciousness of my terrific neighbors element47 and foamy wader. thanks, ladies! here is my setup from day one- things changed a bit on day two after an emergency trip to Ikea.

since i had a helper for the weekend (thank you so much, Nick!) i got to make the rounds, check out the work more carefully, and meet some great people! here are pics of some of my favorite items from the weekend:

how adorable are those little bread slices?! from migration goods.

i love the work coming out of olaria studio– i’d seen it before at art star philly and was excited to get the chance to meet/talk to creator amy mcclure. this photo doesn’t do her work justice.

funky and fun plush by jellykoe!

a bucket of staches by smit craft!

i loved the booth by the argyle academy– mike lowery’s illustrations are awesome.

beautiful work by in the clouds design- i wish i could find a link to their storefront!

fun little earrings by ibby & rufus.

check out these deutsch letterpress cards by concrete lace! (she has plenty of cards for english speakers, too)

as a lover of polaroid, i adored these tiny handmade letterpress albums by racing snail press.

yeehaw industries was my across-from-me neighbor- i’m a huge fan of their letterpress prints.

since the show was in november, it was a great opportunity to work on my christmas shopping (although i’m not completely selfless- i admittedly came home with some goodies for myself). here’s what i came home with:

after sitting across from yee-haw industries for two full days, i couldn’t resist their “cupcakes make people happy” calendar for my cupcake baker friend karina. i also picked up this quirky print by tweet design for my printer friend ellie- thanks so much for the swap, tracy!

 . . . as mentioned before i love polaroid, so i couldn’t resist this silkscreen print by designers and printmakers the knifemen.

these two were gifts for my baker friend as well- an octopus ring by my neighbor alexa of foamy wader and an illustrated octopus necklace by kristina dutton.

bright and fun hair pins by carmen of cg hecho a mano -they were a great gift for my  equally bright and fun friend katy!

at the end of the second day, i met and traded with the creator of these earrings- lynda buckels aka miss chatty crafty, one of the coordinators of chattanooga’s chatty crafty show. i’m hoping to participate in one of her events this year!

after the show concluded and we jam packed my tiny two-door car, nick and i began the journey home- but not without staying overnight at the ultimate kitsch destination: south of the border! it was a childhood dream come true. early monday morning before we left, we walked around the empty tourist trap and i took a handful of photographs. it was a great way to end the trip- here are some of my favorites:

oh, and we couldn’t leave without getting some some souvenir sombreros!

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