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it only took me months to finally sit down and go through all of the photographs i took and business cards i acquired and compose this post, but here it is: all about my trip to Chicago in september!

way back in the beginning of fall, i was fortunate enough to participate in my first ever Renegade Craft Fair. on the 10th and 11th of september, i set up shop on Chicago’s Division St. with over 300 other vendors and got to meet all kinds of talented artists and interesting patrons 🙂 i could write so much about how much amazing work was there, how beautiful Chicago is, etc- but it’s much easier to show you in photographs! and i definitely took plenty. read ahead to see what my new booth fixtures look like, some of my favorite pieces by other vendors, and more! thank you to the lovely people of Renegade for letting me be a part of this amazing event 🙂 also, big thank you to my friend Courtney Jones for flying out to meet me in Chicago only to sit behind a table 80% of the time. another big thank you goes out to the lovely Veronika Goldberg for letting us crash at her new pad- it was a blast! seriously though- check out this beautiful view we woke up to:

anyhow- the show took place on Division Street in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. the weather was beautiful on both days, my booth was next to my friends Bryan and Hilary of Yardsale Press, i got to debut my new fixtures, and there was a ton of traffic- a great success 🙂

check out the new greeting card stands i built! they match my new neutral colored/wood motif.

here is courtney and i on day two- it was so awesome of her to come out to help! it’s been way too long since we’d seen each other. fun fact- courtney, bryan & hilary from yardsale, and i all went to Rowan University together.

the “tshirts are $15.00” Ts were a big hit- i’m considering printing a short run of them.

here is Bryan manning his booth next to mine- check out those stacked sandwiches!

the show was so enormous, it took both days for me to find the time to go through and see all the vendors. as i mentioned early on, i took a lot of photographs and collected business cards from so many talented artists and crafters. the following is a selection of images and links of just some of my favorites:

how cute are these nugget screens and squeegees?! according to Flora A., these Teeny Screenies are part of a new startup project made up of graphic designers to raise money for the charity The C.A.R.E. Initiative.

“things that are long” by Missouri letterpress shop 1canoe2– love that there’s a weener dog!

i thought the sweatshop of love had such an awesome shirt design.

tshirts for the typography obsessed by the social department (i personally love a good sans).

 i was SO excited to get to see the Shawnimals booth- as some of you may know, i have started a small collection of moustachios:

as a result, when i met Shawn Smith, it was a little like meeting a celebrity. my excitement to meet him may have been a little creepy, but he was super nice- we even chatted a bit about SXSW. i added the handmade black papa moustachio to my growing moustache family.

another booth i was particularly hype to see was the Little Friends of Printmaking – it was SO exciting to see their work in real life and not just on the pages of some of my favorite illustration/design books! i picked up a sweet tshirt with a cat riding a bike- i’ll show you at the end.

Mokuyobi Threads had some super fun accessories for self and home- i love the bright food pillows!

as a printmaker who works primarily in silkscreen, i was totally blown away by the art prints and band posters by Crosshair Silkscreen Design. look at the image above, read the FAQ’s on the left, and look back at the image- the registration is immaculate! (aside from the image being just plain awesome) their booth had a sweet pile of discount prints and i picked up this double sided monoprint:

ciggies! McBitterson’s– so cute!

yup, that’s a batch of rainbow plush penis’- there’s more where these come from on Abitabite’s etsy.

these necklaces by material+movement are so elegant and unique.

in addition to the many booths of vendors, the Moveable Type Truck parked in the center of all the action. kyle currie travels the country in a converted 1982 chevy truck outfitted with, among other equipment, a tabletop platen letterpress.

bryan and i chatted with kyle and she showed us around her space. i wish i had more time to stay and print! although it turned out that the day before the show, i purchased two of her cards from her company power and light press:

 . . . and how adorable is that cat-erpillar by Cordial Kitten?? that was such an awesome trade- i spent both days eyeing this cat from two booths over. thank you so much, candice!

i LOVE these little plush sx-70s by lets be friends! they also had too cool for school handmade hipster bears:

 . . . and here’s even MORE sweet swag! clockwise from the top: the bike racing kitty tshirt is courtesy of the Little Friends of Printmaking, as mentioned previously. the tote bag with cute birdies is by Vahalla Studios. Little Korboose created the package of postcards emblazoned  with the little blue robot saying HELLO! Illustrated Goods offered up so many great letterpress goodies, but i decided on some colorful blank birthday cards. Nourishing Notes was one of my favorite booths- their prints are all food related and so bright and humorous! i can’t wait to frame and hang up the letterpress print i purchased that reads “count the MEMORIES not the CALORIES”

Renegade was super awesome and I met some great people and artists. I can only hope I’m fortunate enough to participate again in 2012!

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hello there! july was quite a busy month for me- i have lots of photos to show for it, which will follow in a later post. in the meantime, two updates- first of all, Renegade Chicago is quickly approaching! This will be my biggest show yet and I’ve been hard at work gathering new fixtures for my booth and developing some new prints, etc. Woot! Spread the word 🙂

In other news, I mentioned an etsy coupon a while back on my twitter feed- well, it has been activated. Yay! Use the code SUMMERLOVIN for 15% off your purchase until Friday, August 19th. Go forth and shop! http://www.exit343design.etsy.com

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a big thanks to the ladies who organized this year’s Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair and the great bunch of artists and shoppers in Jersey City for making this past Saturday a great day! this was my first time as a participant and it went very smoothly. i thought the venue was pretty cool- smack in the middle of tall buildings in Jersey City:

my friend and helper Rachael and I spent the day soaking up the sun, oogling adorable dogs, and chatting with customers and neighbors. there were a couple of food trucks on hand- we both got delicious crepes from Lucinda Creperie. their chicken florentine crepe was phenom, and we finished it off with a s’mores dessert crepe- yum! (i also got some delish old bay steak fries from Mamma Marci)

there certainly was a wide array of art vendors at this particular event and i got to meet/swap with some super talented ones:

this image transfer on wood piece was so beautiful, i couldn’t resist. it has such a nostalgic feel to it and reminds me of driving around jersey and getting lost on purpose. thanks so much to Melissa Cacioppo of Birdbrain Projects for swapping with me!

i saw this little winter cardinal friend and had to come back for him! upon my return, i chatted with his creator Laura Fisk of fisk&fern and we really hit it off. turns out little Bert is printed on my favorite printmaking paper of all time (the ultra luxurious Magnani Pescia Paper in Light Blue) and that Laura knows my friends Brainstorm! we swapped and she took home my squeegee print– so glad it went to a screenprinter’s home 🙂 best of luck in Austin, Laura!

one of my booth neighbors was Heather Wells of Bright Lights, Little City– she had a great array of unique items, from lamps to origami to hair accessories. i fell in LOVE with this metal floral head band. turns out, they are vintage gold plated flowers that her grandmother designed way back when . . . now Heather revamps them into one-of-a-kind adornments. awesome!

anyhow . . . NYMCF was my last definite show of the summer. i *might* do an event on July 31st in NoLibs, but it is 10 hours long and i don’t know if i have it in me to sit by myself for that long (any friends want to join me? get at me haha). unfortunately, the Heartsy coupon deal didn’t work out this time around- but when one door closes, another opens: I got accepted to Renegade CHICAGO! ahhh! i honestly didn’t think it would happen, so i am thrilled 🙂 it is in september, so between then and now i will be working hard to revamp my booth setup for *hopefully* the final time and come up with some great new prints!

did i mention i jumped on the bandwagon and started printing on French Paper? so excited! this opens doors to larger editions and even MORE paper color variety in the long run. of course, i’ll still have some prints on BFK, etc- i still love tradition. here is one of my new prints on French Paper:

this is actually a revamp of an older print- now it is more layers and an easy size for framing! you can purchase it from my etsy righttttttt . . . HERE.

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